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Bicycling Australia MagazineKnee Pain - Anterior Anguish

The following articles written by Topbike Physio - Emma Colson have appeared in Bicycling Australia and are made available here as PDFs.

Knee Pain - Anterior Anguish

So many people with knee problems are told to ride a bike as both a rehabilitation tool and a form of exercise, yet we see professionals such as Jan Ullrich crippled by knee pain. How can cycling be so good and yet so bad? Emma Colson explains...
Issue March - April 2006

Core Stability for Cycling

Emma Colson explains with detailed exercises how to train your core off the bike so you can benefit on the bike
Issue Jan - Feb 2006

Why the Six Pack is Out - Core Stability.

How to contract your transversus abdominis
Issue Jan - Feb 2005

Back into it - Upper Body Stability.

Stability is not just an abdominal word. Consider the importance of strength and stability in your shoulder blades.
Issue May - June 2004

Train Lazy Butts.

Are your buttocks on or off? For an all round increase in form, here are a few exercises to turn on lazy butts.
Issue Nov - Dec 2003

Stretch Your Abilities:

Your performance could be enhanced with improvements in your flexiblity. Emma Colson shows how to stretch your talents further.
Issue May - June 2003

Power to Your Pedals:

Trying to pull up on the pedals may actually be reducing your efficiency. Emma Colson reveals how to put power to your pedals properly.
Issue: July-August 2002

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