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Our Hire bikes are ‘Giant Defy’ Advanced 2010 - 2015 models. Bike hire $660 for 11 day tours.
[See this link to view the 2012 version.]

Giant Defy - Topbike Hire Bike on Tobike Tours Cycling Holidays

Main features:

  • All Carbon
  • Shimano Durace (2011) or Ultegra (2010) gearing
  • Compact Cranks 34/50 front chain ring (climbing gears)
  • 28/11 rear

The 'Defy' model is the new range of comfort or 'relaxed' geometry models. This bike is higher in the front end than traditional geometry bikes, especially good for those with reduced flexibility in the hips/back and hamstrings. All hire bikes come with compact gearing designed for hill climbing.

Hire bikes come with:

  • Spares kit: tubes, levers, pump or CO2 canister
  • 2 bottle cages
  • Small lock (to prevent the quick grab)
  • Front and rear flashing lights
  • I'm hiring a bike what do I need to bring?

    What to bring if you are hiring a bike on tour
    • Your helmet
    • 2 drink bottles
    • Cycling shoes
      (MTB make it easier to walk around)
    • Your pedals (Don't leave it to the last minute to get these off your existing bike as you might need help from the bike shop if the pedals are tight to remove)
    • Your own saddle if you have a delicate posterior!
  • In addition see 'What to bring on a Topbike Tour' for the rest of our recomended items.

  • Choosing a size

    We can assist you with choosing your hire bike size, just contact us. You may be comfortable with deciding this yourself based on the Giant geometry charts.

    Expert bike fitting on tour

    It is suggested that you bring your own saddle. In addition, we have a range of different length stems to adjust the bike to your own comfort. Our staff are experts in fitting our hire bikes to each person and can make small adjustments to make you and the machine feel 'as one'.

    If you are certain that your current bike-fit is perfect, then it is advisable to measure (and record) on your own bike prior to arrival:

    • The centre to top (seat height)
    • The nose of saddle to middle of the bars (saddle set-back)

    Electric bikes

    We'll be making E-Bikes available on all tours.
    We tested them this year, with great results. If you have a cycling partner, who may not be putting in as many hours as you, consider bringing them along on an E-Bike. The G-force is surprising, to all who ride them. Rated 10/10.

    Find Out More About Our E-Bikes →

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An Australian company, Topbike has a fully equipped European base and its own fleet of high quality hire bikes. We specialise in quality cycling tours with small groups and are famous for looking after our clients.

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