E-Bikes on Tour

Riding an E-bike is like pedalling downhill all day!

Come on tour with Topbike and take the hills and head winds out of cycling but keep that wonderful feeling of riding through the country side on a bike.

Last year Topbike had our first E-bikes on tour and they were such a hit we will be expanding our fleet in 2016. The E-bike works to assist (at your chosen level) the rider in powering the pedal stroke. You still get a work out but the effort is controlled by you, your legs and how much you use the battery assist. The assistance cuts out at 25 kph, so you won't be leading the peleton, up hills however...

Hai E-Bike on the Tour of Sicily with Topbike Tours

E-Bikes are a great option for those occasional riders or partners of riders who want to come on tour. Our E-bikes (Hai Bike, made in Germany but not linked in anyway to VW!) are the best on market with a crank drive 'motor', hydraulic disc brakes and top level gearing. The image above is a picture of one of our slightly older clients (lets say over middle aged) enjoying the coast of Sicily on her Hai bike during our Feast of Sicily - Eat-Drink-Ride Cycling Tour.

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