Topbike Staff are hand selected. They share a variety of experience in the bicycle industry from racing to coaching to simply riding for the fun of it.

Each of our staff have different areas of expertise (language/first aid/cycling/cultural and local knowledge etc) and each have complementary strengths.

Topbike staff are more than just tour guides, they all bring a positive and upbeat attitude to your holiday to ensure that your tour experience is full of laughter and fun (as holidays should be), no matter what level of cyclist you are.

Topbike Tours Leader - David Olle

David Olle


David Olle has been involved in cycling for more than 20 years, for David Topbike fulfills his life dream ‘find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’.

David has himself raced bikes from club to world level, and done mountains of road riding and touring. He is qualified in first aid, is a level one cycling coach and has managed the Australian Mountain-bike Team at five World Championships (whilst Cadel Evans was a member of the squad).

David has covered the Tours of France, Italy and Spain for magazines and worked at the Sydney 2000 Olympics and Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth games as a cycling journalist. He has supplied commentary on these and other cycling events for Melbourne and National radio stations.

David conceptualised and produced six seasons of the TV show 'Cycling Sooty Park/Topbike TV' and the radio show ‘Cycling DnA’. Trained in customer service, David ensures that each of his clients enjoy a special cycling holiday of a lifetime.

David now writes a very popular daily report "In the (Time) Zone" from all the big bike races, covering many aspects including social, local cuisine, culture and of course cycling.

You can join David’s mail list here: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow him on Twitter @davidOlle

Topbike Tours Emma Colson

Emma Colson


Emma Colson (David’s wife) has been involved with all things Topbike since 2003. She has previous experience in Europe as Emma was physiotherapist to the Australian Women’s Road Cycling team for many years while they were based in Italy. When in Australia Emma operates a Physio practice that specifically looks at bike set-up and positioning and cycling injuries.

Emma was previously a competitive cyclist who raced Mountain Bike at National and International level and was a representative for Australia at the Commonwealth Games. Nowadays Emma prefers to take in the scenery and consume lots of coffee!

Topbike Tour Leader - Kahn Franke

Kahn Franke


Kahn Franke has four years experience guiding Topbike Tours in France. An extremely competent and practical mechanic Kahn is a strong rider with the longest arms in the world – these come in handy for pushing clients up hill! Kahn has a jovial personality and is capable of carrying on a conversation with a mouth full of marbles under water. When he is not talking, it is only a pause to eat!

Topbike Tour Leader - Shelley Kamevaar

Shelley Kamevaar (Webb)


Shelley has Topbike experience on both the Tour de France and La Vuelta tours. She generically describes herself as: 40 (something) and fabulous and a World Class Chocoholic!

Apart from that, Shelley has an illustrious past in the Mountain Bike Downhill and Cross Country scene. She was National downhill Champion, raced at world championships in downhill mountain bike and worked as Australian National Team manager in the early 2000 years. Shelley has been an Olympic Games selector and also on the Athletes commission with Cycling Australia.

Qualified as a level one coach, nowadays you are likely to see Shelley’s daughter waiting at the bottom of a downhill run for her as she shows some of the younger riders how to negotiate a rock drop off!

Topbike Tour Leader - Jamie Drew

Jamie Drew


Jamie Drew has Topbike experience having previously guided at both the Giro and Sicily. His cycling and European experience extends way beyond this as he raced for eight years in Europe and lived in both Belgium and Italy during his professional career.

Jamie’s race bio is too long to fit on one page but of note he won the Australian National Road Cycling Title in 2000, picked up two wins in the ‘Warnie’, bagged heaps of other wins in Europe, won the Sea Otter Classic in the USA, had stage wins at the Herald Sun Tour and also raced the 2001 Paris-Roubaix.

Fluent in Italian and rough in a few other languages, Jamie these days rides at a more leisurely pace, preferring to clock up maximum ‘time in the nicks’ at the coffee shops and bars along the way!

topbike tours annabelle drew

Annabelle Drew


Annabelle  AKA 'Annabella Fashionista' is a former professional rider in the Giro d'italia Femminile and the women's Tour de France. Annabelle is fluent in Italian after having lived in the country for many years. Fully versed in all things cycling, Annabelle also appeared with Dave for six seasons as co-host on Melbourne's own national cycling TV show ‘Topbike TV’ and has done one summer on radio 3RRR’s ‘Cycling DNA’.

Annabelle is a regular Topbike Tour guide (and client favourite) on the Giro d’Italia, Sicily and La Vuelta Espana Tours. There is never a dull moment when Annabelle is on tour.

After six years on communtiy television Annabelle has turned 'Pro', and is now steering the caboose on SBS's podcast 'The Sag Wagon'. Intuitive, erudite and incisive analysis of all the things mainstream TdF reports neglect, guaranteed. You can find a link here: SBS - The Sag Wagon

Twitter: @drewspoke

Topbike Tour Guide - Niki Fisher

Niki Fisher


Niki Fisher is one of Australia’s top female mountain bikers and has competed in Australia and Europe for the past 10 years. A graphic designer, Niki does the graphic design for all Topbike’s publications. She is softly spoken with a kind hearted and gentile manner that gives no cue to her athletic talents and ability. Niki loves riding her bike and has a passion for all things cycling and a spirit of adventure. Niki in reasonably accomplished in the Spanish language, has lived in Europe whilst racing and is currently learning Italian.

Niki is currently on maternity leave

Topbike Tours Leader - Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson


Anna Wilson’s career highlights include two silver medals at the 1999 World Championships in Verona, Italy, two fourth places at the Sydney Olympics and one of each colour medal at Commonwealth Games level.

Anna is currently based in Munich, Germany where she competes regularly in the commuter Olympics on her way to work. During her cycling career she was also based in Germany, and later in Italy with the Australian National Team. Anna is fluent in German and can count to ten in Italian.

Topbike Tour Guide - Olivia Gollan

Olivia Gollan


Olivia Gollan was a professional cyclist from 2002 until 2008. During this time she raced with the Australian Institute of Sport Women’s Road Team and European professional teams, Menikini Selle Italia and Nurnberger Versicherung. Olivia represented Australia at the Athens Olympics, the Melbourne Commonwealth Games and competed in 8 World Championship events for the Australian Women’s Road Team. She retired in 2008 because she was getting long in the tooth and a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice is now helping her to stand up straight.

Olivia currently works as an English Teacher in Newcastle NSW, leads the Liv/Giant Newcastle Ride on Saturday mornings and loves an annual gig as a Top Bike staffer.

Topbike Tour Guide - Norm Douglas

Norm Douglas


When the birth of BMX in Australia happened, Norm was there… when SBS started covering that little race in France, Norm was glued to his own private black and white telly in his bedroom… when Mountain biking boomed in the early Nineties… Norm was there once again, aboard his trust Apollo Himalaya.

A life long cyclist, who’s just old enough to have seen lots, yet young enough to still be considered a hipster, Norm has a bunch of experience to bring to our tours. Being around bikes for the best part of 35 years has also blessed Norm with a very solid mechanical knowledge and combine this with his complete Nerd qualifications, he just might be able to fix practically anything.

Norm is a complete non drinker, which means he just might come in handy to “help” you home after a long lunch.

When Norm isn’t being Norm, he’s also often known as “Jess Douglas’ husband”.

Topbike Designer - Denise Jury

Denise Jury


Never fully recovered from having to ride a Raleigh fold up bike on her paper round as a kid - unfortunately, the bike periodically did actually 'fold-up' whilst being ridden. Better known for her riding skills and prowess on the four legged thoroughbred kind than the two wheeled variety, but an armchair enthusiast of the Tour de France from way back. Chocolate éclairs are French right?

Denise has looked after the Topbike online presence for the last few years and is responsible for Topbike's new re-design. A calming influence on David when he gets his bike knicks in knot trying to update the website. She has told him it's not really a great idea to update while riding his bike.






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